Fabric Bliss

I had so much fun last night! It was really hard to stick to the objective and just buy fabrics I liked with no plan! I'm such a planner - it was hard. HARD I SAY! lolz... I believe I might have cursed the gift givers several times under my breath. ;^) Corse if that's the worst thing in my life to curse about, well bring it on. Heh.

I want to make my sister a quilt so I thought I might get her fabrics and started filling the cart with fabrics for that... but then it just wasn't fun. She wasn't there to help and I didn't have a good idea yet of what I really wanted for that quilt. It felt rushed and obligatory. That was not in the intended spirit of these gifts. So, I put them all back! After all, these were supposed to be splurgy fabrics just for me.

I tried again. That's when it started getting fun. But holy cow! Shopping a whole city block worth of quilting fabrics makes the mind boggle. I couldn't even look at ALL of them - there were just too many! Really, at one point I couldn't shove another bolt into the cart without it toppling over and I hadn't even gone through a third of what they had to offer. They were all fabrics just for me with no real plan, rhyme or reason. Heehee. It was awesome. I will have to say that I picked out about 20 different patterns varying in yardage from one full yard all the way down to 1/4 yards. It was pure bliss. BLISS I SAY!

I didn't spend it all on fabric though. Sadly I actually needed a few notions and some thread so I could actually sew them together! Oh and a box of candy. Because candy makes me an extra happy sewer. Sew happy!!

All the batiks are nicely lined up when you first come in and I've always had a fondness for them so it seemed a logical place to start. I got 1/2 yards of each of the following...

I also couldn't resist a couple of few fat quarters of blacks for my potato chip quilt. I also just love them - so in the basket it goes! Plus a few needles and pins. My pins always seem to disappear... sewing room elves I'm sure.

Then of course there were a bunch of fun bright colors that I couldn't resist! With some summery white on white to set them off... I'm thinking these might go for the Single Girl quilt. Okay so I couldn't buy fabrics totally without a plan. ;^)

Best for last... I wandered off into a section that I don't normally visit in fabric land and found this beautiful little set! I think they'd make a perfect bag - I love, love, love the birds. Now to just find the perfect (free) bag pattern. I bought a yard of each.

Now if only I could get into my sewing room to play!!


Oh the temptation

So I made a commitment to not spending any money on new fabric this year. I've been very good so far but my friends and family conspired against me and got me gift certificates to my favorite fabric store for Christmas and my BD. Tonight I went and blew the whole wad. Zowie it was fun!!! Soooo technically I didn't spend any of my money - that was the deal right? *Squeee* I shall post some pictures tomorrow.


Where's the dip?

I've not really made any time for quilting as of late. Life is so busy! But I couldn't resist working a little bit on what I've come to refer to in my head as the potato chip quilt. It's so easy to just knock out a few of these snack size bits out! I'm half way though cutting out one little triangle from all my red and pink fabrics. I've still got a stack of blacks in envelops that I need to go though and cut out not only 5" squares for the trade but little triangles as well.


What I really should be working on is the round robin quilt that I need to mail out in two weeks - yikes!