Happy Monday to Meeeeeeeeeee!

So yesterday was a pretty great day overall. In the morning I had the joy of discovering I'd won 20 fat quarters of Riley Blake's fabric line, Sugar and Spice! from the ever vivacious Lisa Marie of That Crazy Quilty Girl. How fun! I'm considering using them to participate in her Row Robin quilt along:

Fresh Poppy Design

Lisa Marie might have suggested that there was some empty space in the box still and she *might* have to fill it up with some other goodies. *Oh darn* :^) I will be sure to post some pictures when my big box o' happiness shows up. Whoop! Whoop!

Last night I hit up Fabric Depot and didn't buy any fabric. I should win a prize for that.... oh wait. I just did! Hehee. But I was able to pick up some much needed supplies of the more lasting variety: quilt ruler (dresden plate), flat head pins, marking pencil and a few goodies for the Sisters "Sisters". I was proud of myself too for putting back a charm pack, a $20 ruler that sharpens your blade for you as you cut and a few other items I truly didn't need but really wanted, thereby saving myself at least $50.

And since I can't share what I've been working on (as it's a surprise for the ladies at the Sunriver House) I will share my sewing room trash can and let you try to suss out what I've been working on. ;^)




Normally I'd be down in my sewing room working on something right now but DH's cousin is visiting from Nebraska and he's asleep in the guest room right next to my sewing room. I'd hate to wake him. Bummer. I've got such a bug to work tonight. I need to finish up the very last one of the Sisters projects then make the secondary "thing" that goes with them.... which should go super fast as they're easy peasy! (one seam) Then I can start cutting out the fabric for the Sisters quilt I plan on working on while I'm out there. I've been planning this quilt for a year and hot dang, if I don't want to get started. I'm trying to figure out what I can do tonight in the meantime. I also want to make a list of UFO's for the Summer UFO Club. I need to finish some stuff. FINISH. Not just work on, take out and admire then put away, think about... but actually WORK to FINISH. Heh. I need to empty the boxes for my next round of projects. Heehee.



Oh crap. I'm *so* tempted to do this as it's one of my all time favorite patterns. I already have another finished quilt top like this I need to quilt but, but, but... It's so CUTE!

::trying. to. fight. urge.... losing. battle.::



Here's a *great* tutorial for sewing up a sturdy mailer made from paper grocery bags. I made one last night. It was quick, fun and very functional. Yay!


Super Secret Project and Quilting Instruction

Sadly I've got nothing I can show even though I've been working in my sewing room. I've got four of my secret projects finished up and only need to make four or five more. I really enjoy working on them - good thing! They're for the gift exchange all the "girls" are doing at the Sunriver house this year. One month to go - I'm so excited! Four days of quilting and no cleaning or cooking or kid watching. Woo!

In other news I gave the one seam bias binding tutorial to the church craft group. It went pretty well. I did wind up giving the presentation twice because several people showed up 1/2 hour late. At least I had an extra yard of fabric that was all sewn up and ready to go. Since most of the group are knitters or crocheters they were wondering if I would give them a few classes on how to quilt. I think I might do it, but I have to create a lesson plan and figure out how much time and effort I want to invest. I guess it's just a matter of communicating to the group and seeing how much interest there really is.


Fabric Friday - Flannel Back


I picked up this flannel backing fabric to go with this top I made a while back.


I'm not sure that it does though. I'm going to have to reevaluate what I want to do. I really like flannel for the back of quilts but can't always find a good match up. I think in future I should take the top with me to the store when picking out backing fabric instead of just winging it and trying to remember off the top of my head if it's a good match or not.