Baby Scrap Quilt

My favorite part about this quilt is that I didn't buy any fabric for it. I didn't buy batting or backing or binding or thread. I actually used all things that were already in my sewing room. I have a huge bucket of scraps and it was dreamy to knock it down ever so slightly. Plus with all the odd sizes pieces available to me, I didn't really cut or alter them and just tried to wing how everything went together (I didn't use a formal pattern) which made it very liberating and fun to sew up. It makes me want to make another one and explore some other ideas I have for free-form piecing.
My only criticism is that it should've had larger white areas. I just didn't have that many white scraps. The next one I'll probably have to buy some solid fabric and not worry about it being scrappy. Of course I have a few other quilts to finish first before I can run off and start another one just for fun.

The Front

The Back (the aqua is flannel for softness and comfort)

Detail of one of the blocks


Auction Quilt

In order to get volunteer hours at my daughters school and donate to the school auction, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and make a quilt to be auctioned off. I picked a quilt I thought I could make quickly. After having kept track of everything I discovered I'm either a really slow quilter or this hobby is WAY more time consuming then I thought! All told it took me 26 hours to put this one together. In my defense I will say I took a step that I don't normally take. It took up three hours of that total: knotting and hand sewing in the quilting thread tails so the stitching won't come out. Normally I'm lazy and just back tack, figuring if the stitching pops I'll just fix it since all the quilts I make are for family or friends. What I learned was, it actually looks a lot nicer done the "right" way. lol... I do like hand work so I'll probably continue this "extra" step for future quilts even if it takes more time. For the this quilt I also hand bound the back of the binding which always takes a while but went faster then I thought it would, 3 hours to cut, sew and stitch the binding to the quilt. Not bad! I love that step anyway. ^^

The front

The back

A bit of detail on the back

Pattern (and kit): Positively Perfect Nap Quilt 54" x 66"
Fabric: Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. Backing fabric is flannel with scrap pieces from the front.
Hours to complete: 26