Finished Quilts!


This quilt was inspired by a "game" that we played at the PMQG's all day sew-in in early Feb. We took a break and did some free form quilting. I was really inspired by one of the blocks and felt I just had to make a few more for fun. Since my son is due in April I felt okay with a hurry up and make it baby quilt even though I have a number of other pressing craft projects on my to-do list. It was really liberating and super fun to make, plus I didn't buy materials for this at all but actually used only fabrics out of my scrap bin. It was nice to see that dwindle down a little bit.

I made this quilt for my daughters school auction. It was really fun and easy to put together. I also accrued volunteer hours for it too. Bonus! It was kinda like getting paid to quilt. I hope it fetches a good amount of $$ for her school. The pattern is The Perfect Nap Quilt and I used all Hometown for Sweetwater fabrics. I liked the pattern, it went together quickly and I'm hoping the fabrics are appealing to a wide variety of people so there are lots of bids on it. If it's successful I'll make another quilt for the school next year too.


2. T-SHIRT QUILT (2011)
This is the other quilt I finished in time for Christmas. My DH has a zillion and half t-shirts and always seems to be collecting more. A few years back I snuck a number of them out of his dresser just to see if he'd notice. He didn't - ha! This past summer I made a top out of them with his mom, (stabilized the back) and used flannel for the rest of the top (red fabric) and the backing. He was pretty pleased with it which was really nice as mostly he's a rather stoic kinda guy. I need a better picture of it but you get the gist.

1. FLANNEL QUILT - a gift for Dad (2011)
It took me all year but I finally finished something! This one was for my Dad. He’s not in the best of health (bad Rheumatoid arthritis) and because of that often has to just sit and do nothing. The perfect excuse to be a couch potato. Anyway how can you sit around and watch TV all day without something warm to snuggle up into? Simply, you can’t. So I made him a quilt. (He did have an old ratty pink one, which I find hilarious since he’s got this crazy aversion to pink otherwise.) So the dog inherited the old one and now he’s got this! (Which I gave him for Christmas and he loved BTW) The whole thing is made of flannel, front and back. Nice and warm! but hum… Not sure I’ll do that again. It was kinda a PITA to work as everything sticks to everything else. ie. the fabrics don’t slide easily to line things up and it tended to fray a lot more then quilting cotton. It wasn’t the worst fabric I’ve ever worked with but it just wasn’t as easy a nice unbrushed cotton. ;^)


This is the X-Rated Schnibbles pattern. The fabric is a line from Free Spirit called Home. They were giving out free salesman sample strike off packs at the July(?) PMQG meeting. Anyway, there was enough to make this quilt with the addition of the dark espresso colored solid I used. It's about 72" square I think. I used a soft pink flannel for the backing fabric. I didn't really have anyone in mind when I made it, just that I wanted to make it... so looks like I'll get to keep this one! I'm thinking it will go on the guest bed or maybe on our bed when the nights are cold.

3. ROUND ROBIN (2008-2010)
This was started with the intention of giving it to my daughter. I wasn't sure how it would come out as it was a group effort (made with a now defunct round robin quilt group on Live Journal). The top did come out really cute and I backed it with flannel, having learned my lesson from the I Spy quilt. Too bad I didn't learn it *before* buying regular fabric for backing first! My daughter adores this one and it was a pleasure to make for her even if it was a long bumpy road getting there.

charm quilt
I made this for myself mostly. I wanted to revisit color and value. This charm quilt had challenging moments but for the most part I *loved* making it. It was like a big puzzle. I can also thank quite a few on-line friends for help in filling out areas of my stash which were lacking. Who knew I disliked buying purple fabric so much? Without them I never would've been able to finish (or I would've gone broke trying).

1. I SPY QUILT (2008-2010)
I spy 2010
Made for my daughter as both a blanket and a game. The blue and yellow were strip scraps from the log cabin that's still in my UFO list - started ages ago! She likes the game part of it but I used woven fabric as the backing and she won't snuggle with it because it's "too cold". Maybe someday that will change? Oh and it's not pink. I've failed as a Mom... lol.