Pin basting the color work quilt

My little heart box of curved pins just waiting for me to pin baste my latest quilt. It's on the machine now and I'm currently just working on some stitch in the ditch. I'd like to do some curves afterwards but I'm not so proficient at free motion quilting. Guess I've got to learn sometime though! I do have some older quilts that I'm not so fond of so I might practice on them first.



Not dead!

Well you'd think I'd fallen off the face of the earth for how often I've posted here lately. I'm not dead - really! Latest bit's and bobs from the sewing room...

Blocks I've received
Looks like I'll only have to re-make three of the blocks and maybe make four more to get the size I want... still not sure of the layout and I've got two other quilts in the works right now too so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to actually get any further then sticking these up on my wall! lol But after I took down the color quilt it was so barren I really need to put something up there to cheer the place up! Anyway it's kinda fun to see them all together so I thought I'd share. BTW this is not the final placement by a long shot... I just chucked these up there to see them all together and get a first evaluation of them. =)

Made for Cristalskye
It's funny I didn't realize how similar these blocks were till I finished the second one and went... heeeeeeey! I'm slow like that, lol. At least the values are different enough to set them apart.
I also really enjoyed the limited pallet. It was thinking I wouldn't like being so restricted but I actually love the way they turned out and have enjoyed seeing everyone else's blocks for this quilt as well.

Made for Mommy09
Well like everyone else I felt the call of the flower for this spring themed quilt! However I wanted to take a simple modernistic slant... which means she got two out of the deal instead of just one. Heehee. These were fun and easy to make... kinda makes me want to do a whole quilt of them. =)