Fabric Friday - Sherbet Pips

I'm not usually one to run out and buy yardage of a whole line of fabric. I enjoy the one-offs and the challenge of making very different fabrics work together. However I'm starting to change my mind about that a little. When the Mendocino line came out I just loved it. But I didn't buy any thinking I could just pick some up later. Well, later never happened. It was so popular that it sold out and those people who snatched it up early were able to resell it for as much as $40/yd. I like it but I'm not that rich. Luckily I had a very generous friend who was willing to part with a small amount to satisfy my need for this fabric. I'll be sure to share more of that in a future post.

All that to say, I love the Sherbet Pip's line too. I don't think it'll go quite as fast as Mendocino but why take the chance? I don't have a pattern planned out to use with this fabric yet but that's okay. For now just knowing I have two layer-cakes tucked safely way for future is good enough. It reminds me of peppermint and winter and will someday probably be as close to a Christmas quilt as I'll get. It's just good and wintery and lovely.



Laurie said...

My order of Pips came today and I love it. I feel the urge to hoard more and I am sure it is going to go fast. I have noticed some sites are already out of the "girl on a swing" patterns. Moda only does one printing, so it's important to get it fast I think.

Just Jenn said...

Laurie I keep contemplating getting yardage for binding too, I'd better hurry up and get with it before it's all gone, eh?

So glad you have in your stash. It's a good'n eh? ^^

Heather said...

I love Pips! I ordered some yardage of it today *ahem* I know I said I wouldn't be buying fabric this year, but I had to have me some Pips!

Just Jenn said...

Heather, It's your Birthday! Of course you should be allowed to buy yourself some Pips. ^^