T-shirt Quilt for DH


I also finished a quilt for my DH out of some of his old T-shirts which he received for Christmas this year. It runs the gamut from his various motorcycles and corvettes, to hobbies that include gaming and racing. It's so HIM. He also made a number of the T-shirts I used in this quilt. He seemed to really love it and that's the best feeling of all. His mom helped me piece the top together when she was out visiting this past summer. It was fun to work on a project with her.
I don't know that I'll ever make a t-shirt quilt again though. The fabric was stretchy and even the flannel wasn't very stable, so making it a challenge to quilt without getting pin tucks in the back. There are two little tucks which annoy me but not enough to have picked them out and requilted those sections. Heh. It'll be fine. It's just a couch blankie for him and I'm sure he'll take it when it goes on his overnight motorcycle racing weekends with the boys.

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