5" Charm Swap

I'm starting the collection process for a thousand pyramid charm quilt. I'm using any and all fabrics for 1/2 the pyramids but the other 1/2 I want to be mostly black. I have a few of these kinds of fabrics but will need many, many more. So I'm here appealing to you all to help me. If you could find it in your hearts (and stashes) to pull some 5" x 5" swatches of good quality mostly black fabrics (see picture below for samples of what I'm looking for...)
I will happily pull an equal number of whatever I have that you might be looking for and mail some 5" swatches back to you. I have batiks, calicos, kid prints, solids, etc. Just pop a note in your envelope with what you want.
Any takers?! Thanks for all your help!

PS: E-mail me for address.


Julia Wood said...

I'm sure I have some black prints you could use. E-mail me, juliawood@charter.net, with your address and I'll send them out.

knitngardnr said...

Wow--I clicked on your link from the ravelry quilt quilt group. i'm sure I have some fabrics you could use. email me at knitngardnr at gmail dot com and see if we can't work something out.

rav id knittinggardener

Caroline said...

I just finished a black-and-white quilt for my oldest son, and would be more than happy to share some charm squares with you.

Quilt is at

email me with your address. I should have some time for cutting over this weekend!
spinningalpaca /AT/ comcast /DOT/ net