C9 - Jane's Tears


Block: C9 - Jane's Tears
Started Quilt: 07/02/08
Block Completed: 11/30/08
Number of Pieces: 5
Description: Reverse applique by hand

Blocks: 20
Triangles: 3
Kites: 0
Total Pieces: 239

I've had this block half done and sitting around in my sewing room for weeks now. I was working on it and the thread knotted up and snapped. I needed to just pull out a few stitches - delicately - and tie it off. It's amazing how that tiny little set back made me abandon this block for so long. I finally got a chance to work on again last night after finding my seam ripper which was the only thing I could find small enough to pull up the stitch work. Anyway it's done now! I think it came out very nice besides how long it took!

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