Birthday Blocks

The request for these blocks (both for macbeaner) was to follow a star theme using the colors red, orange and yellow. This is a hard pallet for me as I'm really drawn to cooler colors but I think they came out quite nice. I especially like the Card Basket Block.



C9 - Jane's Tears


Block: C9 - Jane's Tears
Started Quilt: 07/02/08
Block Completed: 11/30/08
Number of Pieces: 5
Description: Reverse applique by hand

Blocks: 20
Triangles: 3
Kites: 0
Total Pieces: 239

I've had this block half done and sitting around in my sewing room for weeks now. I was working on it and the thread knotted up and snapped. I needed to just pull out a few stitches - delicately - and tie it off. It's amazing how that tiny little set back made me abandon this block for so long. I finally got a chance to work on again last night after finding my seam ripper which was the only thing I could find small enough to pull up the stitch work. Anyway it's done now! I think it came out very nice besides how long it took!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your holiday is filled with friends, family, good food and warmth of heart and home.


Lured away by Yarn. Uh Oh.

I want to thank everyone for sending along some really beautiful and fun, funky fabrics! It's been so great. =) I'm working on cutting up swatches to send back out. Have patience with me - there's a lot to get though! I'll try to post some pictures as I get my charms cut up.

I've also been a little distracted with a new craft. (Uh oh!) Crochet is really addictive and is a lot more portable when chasing after a toddler. I made my first scarf! Yay. I know - I need to get back to all my quilting projects. 0.o



5" Charm Swap

I'm starting the collection process for a thousand pyramid charm quilt. I'm using any and all fabrics for 1/2 the pyramids but the other 1/2 I want to be mostly black. I have a few of these kinds of fabrics but will need many, many more. So I'm here appealing to you all to help me. If you could find it in your hearts (and stashes) to pull some 5" x 5" swatches of good quality mostly black fabrics (see picture below for samples of what I'm looking for...)
I will happily pull an equal number of whatever I have that you might be looking for and mail some 5" swatches back to you. I have batiks, calicos, kid prints, solids, etc. Just pop a note in your envelope with what you want.
Any takers?! Thanks for all your help!

PS: E-mail me for address.