Happy New Year

One of my resolutions this year is to not buy any new fabric but use just what's in my stash already. I've already run into my first obstacle - I received a gift card to my favorite fabric store for Christmas! The plan in my head is to use it for things like needles and thread when/as I need them. However I know I can't resist a fun fat quarter! I am weak. Maybe I should make an exception to the rule and allow myself to spend it on backing fabric only for that pile of quilt tops I want to finish this year. Which is quilting resolution #2 - finish what you've already started! No new projects until TWO current projects are finished. At least that will cut down on the rampant new project spree I seem to always be going on and help me focus and get things DONE!

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Caron said...

I am only buying fabric this year for backings and bindings (if what I have doesn't fit the bill). My stash pile is ridiculous! Good luck with yours!