Fabric Bliss

I had so much fun last night! It was really hard to stick to the objective and just buy fabrics I liked with no plan! I'm such a planner - it was hard. HARD I SAY! lolz... I believe I might have cursed the gift givers several times under my breath. ;^) Corse if that's the worst thing in my life to curse about, well bring it on. Heh.

I want to make my sister a quilt so I thought I might get her fabrics and started filling the cart with fabrics for that... but then it just wasn't fun. She wasn't there to help and I didn't have a good idea yet of what I really wanted for that quilt. It felt rushed and obligatory. That was not in the intended spirit of these gifts. So, I put them all back! After all, these were supposed to be splurgy fabrics just for me.

I tried again. That's when it started getting fun. But holy cow! Shopping a whole city block worth of quilting fabrics makes the mind boggle. I couldn't even look at ALL of them - there were just too many! Really, at one point I couldn't shove another bolt into the cart without it toppling over and I hadn't even gone through a third of what they had to offer. They were all fabrics just for me with no real plan, rhyme or reason. Heehee. It was awesome. I will have to say that I picked out about 20 different patterns varying in yardage from one full yard all the way down to 1/4 yards. It was pure bliss. BLISS I SAY!

I didn't spend it all on fabric though. Sadly I actually needed a few notions and some thread so I could actually sew them together! Oh and a box of candy. Because candy makes me an extra happy sewer. Sew happy!!

All the batiks are nicely lined up when you first come in and I've always had a fondness for them so it seemed a logical place to start. I got 1/2 yards of each of the following...

I also couldn't resist a couple of few fat quarters of blacks for my potato chip quilt. I also just love them - so in the basket it goes! Plus a few needles and pins. My pins always seem to disappear... sewing room elves I'm sure.

Then of course there were a bunch of fun bright colors that I couldn't resist! With some summery white on white to set them off... I'm thinking these might go for the Single Girl quilt. Okay so I couldn't buy fabrics totally without a plan. ;^)

Best for last... I wandered off into a section that I don't normally visit in fabric land and found this beautiful little set! I think they'd make a perfect bag - I love, love, love the birds. Now to just find the perfect (free) bag pattern. I bought a yard of each.

Now if only I could get into my sewing room to play!!


Eli said...

Lol, we were just looking at the last three the other day, trying to decide what to make from them. I love the ones you've picked for Single Girl too- those are such great collections. I'm a little scared of white- I always feel like I have to layer some white kona behind it for opacity.

Just Jenn said...

I know - I was taking to you about it in the store. ;^) I don't think you recognized me (I was looking pretty sporty spice that day because it was my warmest clothes). I was going to make a bento box out of the white/brights but I think the single girl would be better for it now....

Dana said...

You seriously lucky dog!