Z Block - Birthday Block for Churlish

I'm a little early on this Birthday Block But since Ofenjen reminded me about the BD blocks with her post today I thought I'd work on getting this one done as well. It was also very convenient that my baby cooperated by taking a nice long nap!

Churlish requested that it be pieced traditionally with autumnal/food/harvest themed fabrics. I didn't really have fabric that was harvest or food oriented. Since I'm not working at a paying job currently, spending money at the fabric store is kinda out. It's good though in that it will make me use up some of my stash! I need the extra challenge. ;^) I still really like the way this block turned out. I could do a whole quilt... (Except I really don't need to start any new projects! And of course can't afford it. lol) I used the bright colors of falling leaves and warm golden brown trees as they start to lose their leaves with a swirly cream that reminds me of how dry and dusty the end of summer is while waiting for the late fall rains to start.

Z Block

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