Haha! DONE! Woo!

This is the X-Rated Schnibbles pattern. The fabric is a line from Free Spirit called Home. They were giving out free salesman sample strike off packs at the July(?) guild meeting. Anyway, there was enough to make this quilt with the addition of the dark espresso colored solid I used. It's about 72" square I think. I haven't measured it but I think that's what the pattern said it'd turn out to be. Anywhoodle - it's done! (Except for the label but I want to experiment with a new process so if it doesn't make it on there right away I'm not worried)

Since I went back to using Warm and Natural batting and a lot of straight stitching with the walking foot the quilting on this one was much more pleasent then the last quilt I worked on. I also used pink flannel for the backing which makes it extra snuggly.

My stitching is still so far from perfect though I'm always slightly disappointed. I know this is both a point of, I need more practice and that I know I have trouble dragging my quilts though my machine and would have smoother lines if I could use a long arm.

Ah well. None of that however will stop me from making quilts I adore.


Heather said...

Hey Jenn!! Your quilt looks amazing! You did such a nice job on it. Your quilting looks great :)

Andie said...

Too cute! I never would have thought to put that espresso in it, but it looks SO good! And your quilting looks good. It's funny - most of the quilters I know say the same thing - "look what I made!, but don't look too closely at the quilting".

Joanne said...

It looks wonderful. I like flannel on the back of quilts too. :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, an X-rated quilt! That's a new one on me but I like the colors you selected.
I almost feel like trying one of these ... if I didn't have so many other things to finish up .

Just Jenn said...

Thanks Heather!

Andie, I've got 14+ yards of that espresso... looks like a lot of my future quilts will have some of that fabric in it. ;^) Someday (after much practice I'm sure) I'll happily be able to say, "Look at what I made and the quilting too!"

Joanne, it's nice to have flannel... makes it warm right from the get go.

Julie, isn't it hard when there are so many fun quilts out there to not try to make one of *everything*?! My "I want to make it" list gets longer and longer every day.