A Work in Progress

I managed to get this one pin basted today. ^^ (Which is always so much more then just basting... First I have to pick up kid junk off the living room floor, roll up the throw rug, sweep and steam mop, let the floor dry, lay the backing down, iron it then tape it to the floor to keep from shifting, lay down the batting, iron & tape, the top... iron and tape. THEN I can start pinning! lol Still, I listened to books on tape while working and it went by quickly.)
And after all the crazed excessive free-motion quilting of the last quilt, I'm going to go with *very* simple straight line quilting for this one, except for the border which I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to manage. Should I just continue the quilting from the inner part off into the border creating X's across the piano keys?

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