I'm in love!

I do realize I don't need to actually start any new quilts with my UFO and WIP list being so long but that doesn't mean I can't look, right? This beauty was blogged about over on Quilt Granny's Blog. Maybe someday when I finish a few of my own stack I'll start one like this. I adore it!



Andie said...

I just love those liberated stars - I just did an american flag doll quilt and did a simple version of that star. Am going to try the star in your picture in my next project. And, um, where is it written that you can't have 6,000 projects going at once?

Just Jenn said...

I've wanted to make a liberated stars quilt since the fire in Australia when I first saw this block being made into quilts and donated to the families around Airedale that lost so much.

Bush fire quilt project

And it's written in my brain! My problem is, if I keep starting new quilts I never finish the one's I start so I have to limit myself in someway. My plan is, finish two, start one. I'll eventually get through the UFO's! ;^)

Joanne said...

Ooh yes, I can see why you've fallen in love. That's gorgeous!