Tutorial Tuesday - One Seam Flying Geese

Do you see how I love "one seam" sewing? Here's another one that was shared with me by Cherri at the PMQG's all day sewing work day. She was making a lot of them and was showing us how to make this neat little version of flying geese. I took pictures as she explained it and now I'm here to share it with you too!

You'll need: Fabric, rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat, thread and a sewing machine of course... unless you're stitching by hand which will work just fine too.

    Each flying goose will need one 5.5" x 3" rectangle...

    ...and TWO 3" squares of matching fabric
    Fold the rectangle with wrong sides together. Keep the fold at the top.

    Place one square on a flat surface and lay the folded rectangle over the top. Line up the bottom edges.

    You should see about 1/4" of square fabric above the fold of the rectangle.

    Lay the other square over these two pieces of fabric to complete the sandwich.
    Keeping the sandwich in the same position sew a 1/4" seam down the right hand side. Making many sandwiches all at once will allow you to chain piece these together.
    Open your little sandwich book and if you can see where it's creased pull this bit of fabric out to create and finish the block.

    Press your block open.

    Once you've sewn your block together there are several options for finishing them. They can be stitched down in the quilting process to look like traditionally stitched pieces, or you can fold them over and stitch them like a cathedral window block or even just leave them open to make interesting little pockets.

    Cherri pressed the back of her blocks thusly...


RamonaX / Gail said...

These have been on my mind since Cherri showed us how to do it... I think flying geese are in my future!

Just Jenn said...

They're in my immediate future for sure. I've got a little project they'd be perfect for... I won't be able to show it till about mid july though. Surprises are fun! Can hardly wait to see what you're going to with them.

sew on and sew on, Cherri said...

Great post, Jenn! Your pics and words are spot on! I am working on goose number 214!

designcamp said...

I'm late to the game here, but this is so cool I have to try it!

Cathleen Savage said...

Ooh! This is the best tutorial on flying gees that I have seen!

Mommarock said...

This was spotted on pinterest by me this morning, and now it is completely stuck in my head. I have to try this. I am now here on your blog forever, and can not wait to see what else I can spy on your blog.. This is SO awesome, I have to make a quilt from this method. Genius

Just Jenn said...

Mommarock, aren't you sweet?! Sorry but I've been really absent from my blog. It's a bit easier for me to post over at: https://www.threadbias.com/users/jennifleur
if you'd like to see my latest shenanigans.

PS: hexagonalley is such a cute name for your blog!

Silvia said...

I loved the tutorial; thank you for sharing.

Rayma Daves Draper said...

I've been using this system for flying geese for over 5 years - it's my go-to method. there's a similar easy method for bow ties that works very well.

AuntieBetty070 said...

While this method does make a nice flying geese block, it uses more fabric than the more 'traditional' method.