WIP Wednesdays - Plan C

It's was so nice to have a whole EIGHT HOURS to quilt without too much distraction. I packed up my stuff and headed off to the PMQG's All Day Sewing Day at Fabric Depot last Saturday. It was great to hang out with the girls and sew. You might remember Plan C from my UFO list (if not, click the tab above). Lookie! It went from scraps of fabric to something that might actually resemble a quilt top soon. Woo!

*Someone* really wanted her picture taken with the quilt in progress. She's too cute. How could I say no?


Andie said...

Oooohh! Love it! Great colors and love the combo of big shapes in the middle and the pieced border. Nice.

Pren said...

really cool. im starting to really like quilts with black as the background instead of the traditional white. very nice!