Normally I'd be down in my sewing room working on something right now but DH's cousin is visiting from Nebraska and he's asleep in the guest room right next to my sewing room. I'd hate to wake him. Bummer. I've got such a bug to work tonight. I need to finish up the very last one of the Sisters projects then make the secondary "thing" that goes with them.... which should go super fast as they're easy peasy! (one seam) Then I can start cutting out the fabric for the Sisters quilt I plan on working on while I'm out there. I've been planning this quilt for a year and hot dang, if I don't want to get started. I'm trying to figure out what I can do tonight in the meantime. I also want to make a list of UFO's for the Summer UFO Club. I need to finish some stuff. FINISH. Not just work on, take out and admire then put away, think about... but actually WORK to FINISH. Heh. I need to empty the boxes for my next round of projects. Heehee.

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Creative Mom said...

I have the sewing bug also and I just have to start working more at night for awhile until my kids start camp.