Super Secret Project and Quilting Instruction

Sadly I've got nothing I can show even though I've been working in my sewing room. I've got four of my secret projects finished up and only need to make four or five more. I really enjoy working on them - good thing! They're for the gift exchange all the "girls" are doing at the Sunriver house this year. One month to go - I'm so excited! Four days of quilting and no cleaning or cooking or kid watching. Woo!

In other news I gave the one seam bias binding tutorial to the church craft group. It went pretty well. I did wind up giving the presentation twice because several people showed up 1/2 hour late. At least I had an extra yard of fabric that was all sewn up and ready to go. Since most of the group are knitters or crocheters they were wondering if I would give them a few classes on how to quilt. I think I might do it, but I have to create a lesson plan and figure out how much time and effort I want to invest. I guess it's just a matter of communicating to the group and seeing how much interest there really is.

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Crystal said...

I can't wait to see what you're making for the girls. ;)