Fabric Friday: Christmas in July


So yeah, back in July, while out at the Sister's Quilt Show, I was thinking about Christmas. I've always wanted to make a Christmas quilt but could never really come up with a pattern that spoke to me. However because of all the beautiful quilts there I was struck with inspiration and now have a "master plan" in mind! So of course I now need to start collecting Christmas themed fabric. Here are the first three FQ's. Not very exciting yet but hey - it's a start! I don't think I'll get it done by this Christmas but maybe the next one... that's goal anyway. Not only will there be much machine sewing for this quilt but also a lot of handwork too that I just don't think I can finish up in a few short months.

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Jeanne said...

I live in NE Oregon and buy online from Hollyhill Quilte Shoppe all the time. It's fun to see you have fabric from them also.