Fabric Friday: Someday, a Fall Quilt


I actually do have a project in mind for this fabric.... I haven't started it yet as I'd like to have some templates made for the pieces that need to be cut out. I think it'll go much smoother with templates since the pattern is somewhat complex and involves Y-Seams, curves and a lots of odd angles. It should be a stunner when and if I can get it done. Hopefully with Snooky in school most days now I'll be able to devote the time to this project that it'll require. Originally the pattern suggests using solids but I adore pattern and just can't quite bring myself to work with solids. So I tried to get as tone-on-tone as I could. If I'm successful with this quilt top I might try to enter it into the Sister's Quilt show next year. That's my plan... oh, to have it quilt by check. ;^)

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Joanne said...

Ooh, curious to see what you'll do with this rather sophisticated palette.