Fabric Friday: This One's for the Birds


The above fabric was a little bit of everything that caught my eye while shop hopping on my now long ago trip to Sisters at the beginning of July. I had bought some of the golden yellow fabric previously, used it in all sorts of things feeling it to be the "perfect" yellow, and ran out. So when I found this little FQ of course it had to be mine! I've also been resisting buying Fandango for ages now... I'm not sure why. I love that line and finally gave in allowing myself a few FQ's which I have no idea what I'll do with. The other FQ's were sweet and also hopped in my basket, again without much rhyme or reason. I hope I can find a use for them. The half yard cuts (rolled up on the right) I sort of thought I could use to make a small quilt lap quilt for Snooky with or maybe a dress but again, while I love the line, I don't have a project in mind.

Below was a mug from The Stitchin' Post in Sisters. It shows a close up section from this years annual poster for the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show. I just love the sweet little bird and the bright fun colors!


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