Table Runner

Finished a table runner for my mom... just in time for fall. Good thing too since I started it way back in July. Heh. Hoping to see her soon to gift. Maybe this weekend?


Stefaneener said...

Oh, NOW I see where you're blogging. I was over at the gardening blog wondering if you were okay. Anything growing?

Just Jenn said...

Hi Stefaneer! Yeah, I kinda dropped off the edge of the planet after July. I found out I was pregnant (unexpectedly!) and had some rather debilitating morning sickness for about four months. I did have a nice garden right up until harvest time and then things sort of languished. I'm feeling better now and am really hoping to make a come-back here in 2012. You're so sweet to check up on me. *aw, warm fuzzies*

How did your always amazing garden do?