The World of Amish Quilts

Normally I don't post book reviews here but since this one was quilting related I thought I'd pop it up here.

The World of Amish QuiltsThe World of Amish Quilts by Kenneth Pellman

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I really enjoyed both the plethora of colorful images that were packed into this book along with the snippets of Amish culture, history and lifestyle. The latter explaining many of the choices of quilt design and color choice. In the modern quilt movement that seems to be happening these days it is inspiring to look to a group of quilts that seem to already embody much of "todays aesthetic" even if they were made over 100 years ago. Nothing is new! They are beautiful, artistic and inspiring.... now I want to go quilt.

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anotheryarn said...

Thanks for mentioning it, I'm going to have to seek out this book.