Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - Part 1

For the past couple of years a group of us have gotten together for a fantastic weekend trip out to central Oregon for the annual Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.  We sew, we shop, we laugh and sometimes we even get in the hot tub.  I look forward to it immensely.  Not just for the sorority of sewing sisters but also to escape the responsibilities of being a full time mom, wife, housekeeper, nanny, chauffeur, etc. I love the break.  None of it would be possible without Heather ( of the Quilt or Stitch blog) who coordinates so much of it.  Thanks Heather!!

So Thursday morning I was rarin' and ready to go early.  I'm not a morning person so you can imagine my enthusiasm to get there when I can be all packed up and in the car actually waiting for my husband by 8 am.  This *never* happens.  It's always the other way around.  Needless to say we loaded up and he drove me out to Heathers house and helped transfer all the stuff from our vehicle into Heathers awesome new ride.

Look! It all fits!

Heather, Charissa and I all rode out together in Heathers vehicle while Barbara and Colleen followed us in Barbara's car.  Our first stop?  Why a quilt shop of course!  We hit up Hollyhill Quilts on our way out of town.  I didn't buy too much there because I was saving myself for later.  I knew there would be many more such excursions before the weekend was over.  Not that I didn't get anything mind you... just not a ton. ;^)  However it's a great shop and they even opened the back room early for us.  It has all the modern and kid fabrics in it.  That was really nice of them and we had a great time oooing and awing over it all.  After leaving there, we stopped for coffee and hot coco (it is summer in Oregon so ya know, cold still! lol)  And headed on down the road.  

The Three Sisters Mountains

We didn't stop till we made it to Sisters Oregon and The Stitchin' Post, the heart and soul of the show.

It was still only Thursday and the place was already really busy, but nothing like it would be on Saturday with lines just to get in and out of the place!  We did our shopping early knowing the madhouse it would become later in the week as more people poured into town.

Me and Heather dorking out with excitement, like two kids in a candy store.  We were having a lot of fun! Yay fabric! Yay patterns! Yay US!

Everyone sitting in front of the Stitching Post with all our fabric goodies feeling rather happy and satisfied.  Heather in the back and in front from left to right: Barbara, Colleen and Charissa.

After a long full fun day of shopping and driving we finally arrived in Sunriver, unpacked and unloaded.  We ate dinner and had a long evening of sewing and laughing and chatting and a lengthy show and tell of everyones fabric purchases which was just as good as if we'd bought it ourselves.

Colleen and Barbara working and playing.

To be continued...


Andie said...

Next summer. Oh yes - next summer I'm going to Sisters!

Creative Mom said...

Next year I want to go on Thursday and get in on all the shopping! It was a fun weekend : )

Heather said...

You wrote such a nice post! I had a great weekend, and I am still recovering, I was so tired this week :)

Just Jenn said...

Andie, I really hope you can make it next year. That would be so cool!

Petra, I hope you guys can make it out early next year too. It was fun having a full house.

Heather, what can I say? You're rad. ;^) It was another super awesome year. Hope you're able to get some sleep!