Talk to Me Tuesdays


Lisa A said...

I so agree about hating the quilting part. I don't like wrangling it under the machine, but I'm getting better. So I have lots of tops, too.
And I'm not going to shell out big bucks either to upgrade from EQ5. So you are not alone!

Lisa Marie said...

You crack me up!

Just Jenn said...

Lisa A, I don't mind wrangling the smaller quilts but the larger ones are a PITA. Someday I shall have a longarm! I actually don't think you need to pay the full price for EQ7 if you have EQ5. I did see they said on their website that if you want to upgrade to 7 you need to call them to find out the price. Alas, it's such a friv item right now I couldn't even if I wanted to.

Lisa M, I aim to please. ;^)