J11 - Twin Sisters


Block: J11 - Twin Sisters
Started Quilt: 07/02/08
Block Completed: 07/21/08
Number of Pieces: 7
Description: Hand cut, reverse side freezer paper applique

Blocks: 8
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Total Pieces: 106

Well I think this one came out a little better. Not super perfect like I would like it but happy enough to let it go and move on. ;^) The first one I ironed the freezer paper to the right side of the applique pieces and needle turned them... bleh. This one I ironed the freezer paper to the back side and then pulled it off pinned it down and appliqued it. I also changed the type of stitch I was using toward the very end and I wish I'd used it all the way through. Drat! Oh well... I'm using it on the next block and you can hardly see the stitches there... so little improvements.

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