Fabric Friday

Still collecting for the Patio quilt... I think maybe another yard or less in FQ's or thirds of the green and I'll be done... then I've really got to cut myself off this year from fabric shopping. I spent way too much last year on fabric. I need to go back on my fabric diet! Of course there are exceptions, such as backing and batting and thread and such... can't run out of supplies but whoo-hee, I don't really need any new fabric.


Lisa A said...

Isn't it funny no matter how many greens you have you still don't have quite the right colors you need? At least that's what happens to me.

Just Jenn said...

Well, I did have a very specific color green in mind for this quilt. You know how it is, no point in doing all that work if you won't like it in the end due to fabric choices made in the beginning. ^^