Man am I dense.

As you all know kids tend to be rather destructive. When I was a whole lot younger (whole lot) I bought lovely marble coasters with cork "seats" to absorb the condensation of the glasses set upon them. Anywhoodle, the kiddlet has managed to break all but two now so I've been setting my drinks on the floor, holding them in my lap, etc. all while try to do stuff (like type on the computer, eat, etc.) without ruining the finishes on various pieces of furniture around my house. This, as you can well imagine, has lead to a whole lot of FAIL.

So I was thinking I'd buy some more from some where. Yet this seems so friv. Why does my budget not include funds for coasters? I was also thinking just yesterday that I have a whole lot of 8" wide (or so) scraps of batting down stairs and extra blocks for various quilts laying around doing nothing. Hum... *maybe* I should make some mug rugs. Yeah, I'm a regular rocket surgeon over here.

Now? It is a plan.

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