Fabric Friday

I was thinking that my fabric Fridays were going to be pretty sparse this year considering I've decided to give up fabric shopping.* But? So far so good! I still have things to share with you. I'd like to say THANK YOU! to Kristel for donating a wee bit of lovely green fabric toward my Oregon Patio quilt. She is such a dear! I'd been hoping to get some of these patterns but this line sold out quickly around here. How sweet that she offered to send enough to make a few "tiles" each for the patio? They'll go perfectly. Yay!


She also sent me a wee bit more fabric (Oh my generous friend!) but I'll save that for next week. It'll be a nice thing to share with you next Friday. Plus the suspense might be fun, yes?

*I've decided to get back on the "no new fabrics" wagon this year. (I gave up fabric shopping in 2009 too) Meaning that I'm not allowed to make trips to the fabric store to buy random beautifully patterned fabrics just because I like them. Oh no. I am however, allowed to buy fabric that will complete a project. For example buying backing fabric. Really that's about it. Maybe binding fabric if I really have nothing in my stash. I'm also allowed notions as needed, needles, thread, etc.

My one other exception to this rule is vacation fabric. Heh. So if I'm on vacation (unlikely since we're a bit broke) and go into a fabric store I'm allowed a fat quarter or two. When in Sister's this summer for the quilt show (my one guaranteed vacation) I'll also let myself get some fabric... probably more then a FQ though, since it'll be all about the quilting that weekend. Yes I'm excited already. ^^ I'll try not to break the bank.


Laurie said...

I am curious to know how 2009 went? Is this something you do every other year?

Just Jenn said...

Laurie, this is a really good question. I think I'll answer it in-depth on my next Fabric Friday. I started typing up an answer and it got really long. The short of it is - like a roller coaster. ;^)