Pickin' Up

How's everyone's cleaning going? (It's my semi-annual Sewing Room Clean Sweep) I've been making a little bit of progress... (Actually I'm almost done!) but I'll give you a little teaser right now.

So here was my little bit of fugly I was talking about earlier:
Um... apparently I wasn't talking about it here. Ooops. So here's the back story...
Happy to report that after two hours of cleaning (last night) I can actually see surfaces I haven’t seen in ages! I also had a great idea for how to make a section of my sewing room less um, ugly. Let that be a lesson to me though….

Once upon a time we had some extra funds (a rare thing in our house) and I really wanted to replace the fugly garage shelving that I’d been using with an adorable white sideboard. We had the money! I had the motivation! BUT… I let my dear sweet hubby talk me out of it because he thought it was friv… well, we wound up spending that extra cash on a lot of little piddly things until it was gone and I’m still left with the garage shelving. WHY oh WHY did I listen to him on that one. Ug.

Anyway::smiles serenely:: now I need to make lemonade. ;^) So for a lot less then a new piece of furniture I could replace the top shelf (currently raw pressboard) with a white melamine shelf and about three yards of fabric and some sticky velcro I could make a cover for the lower portion to hide the shelving and all the junk on it. It’s my goal to try to pick up the supplies for it today.

So I bought all the supplies yesterday and got to work. I had them cut the melamine down to size at the hardware store so I didn't have to deal with that at home. I just picked up the old top and replaced it with the new one. Easy-peasy. The skirt took a couple of hours just because I had to figure it out as I went but I wouldn't say it was hard. I would say I wish I'd bought about 1/4 of yard more in length... there wasn't any wiggle room. And I think a pleat would've been nice in the center front too. All in all though I think it came out nicely. I even cleaned up my bulletin board a little bit too.

A close-up of the fabric...

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Joanne said...

It looks fantastic. And I'm going to remember to 'make lemonade' more often.